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Screw compressor: K-MAX

Screw compressors in the K - range is unique in its power class.Through the 1:1 direct drive that provides high air flow with low energy consumption. The transmission is completely maintenance free. All K & mid-max has an electronic control with rotation alarm. Direct drive causes the ball bearings only be minimally stressed, which means a long pot life of the motor and screw blocks.

• Direct Drive without gear

• 24 Months warranty on the screw block, motor and electronics

• Low energy costs

• 24H load

• Separate cooling fan

• Very good service access

• With air tank with integrated refrigeration dryer optional

• Electronic controls, continuous monitoring of operating parameters

• Direction Alarm by phase rotation• Alarms for service interval

(The picture to show with refrigeration dryer at 500 liters reciver)

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