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Simple and versatile models.
• Portable compressors with direct drive
• Electric motor with motor protection, manual reset
• Standard with pressure switch, pressure gauge,quick connector and power cable with plug
• Protection class IP23
• After cooler, which means less moisture in the compressed air

Specifically developed for medical use, MedicAir compressor is based on more than 50 years of development and experience. MedicAir compressor produces reliable oil-free air for Dental Practitioners, Dental Laboratory or other users requiring high quality of the compressed air.

• Oil-free
• Electric motor with motor protection and manual reset
• Reciver with coated inside
• Special lågfriktionskolvringar
• Low speed and long service life
• 3-stage vibration isolation
• Cylinders in a special aluminum alloy

   Model "Dr. Sonic ":
• Silenced version, equipped with all accessories (Silenced hood with internal Cooling and adsorption dryer).

   Model "Med":
• Without ljudämpning and without drying.
Ideal for those that require oil-free compressed air and low noise.
• Aluminum cylinder with steel liner
• Additional electric cooling fan
• Special Piston with patented PTFE piston ring
• Stainless steel valves
• Two-stage cooling
• Cushioned Air Filter• Motor thermal protection with manual reset