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Orders received at 16:30, to be processed until the following day. Shipment of stock items are normally the following day. (See also supply and responsibility) Order acknowledgment sent if desired.

Deliveries are made freely our store to ship today's price.

Back Order noted Normally, if no other agreements have been made. PricesDeliveries are made to the price list. Fini Unoflow AB reserves the right to adjust the current prismed into account possible changes in exchange rates, without notice. (Current price list is available on our website) on all quoted prices are subject to statutory value added tax.

All Finis supplies, transportation insured against damage and theft.DamageFreight and packaging to be checked upon receipt.It is the responsibility of the consignee to report any damage to the carrier inom7dagar.If damages are discovered, this should be noted on the bill of lading upon delivery. If damage is detected efterkvittensen, the carrier contacted within 7 days.A claim form will then sändas.Denna shall be returned together with a copy of the consignment note and the purchase invoice to transportören.Transportören replace goods to the purchase price incl. shipping costs. Replacement Goods and repairs ordered by Fini against debit.
Missing package in delivery, this shall be noted on the freight bill before the acknowledgment, and the carrier contacted within 7 days.
Protests concerning wrong quantity, wrong item, etc.. the notification to Fini immediately or within 7 days after delivery. In act of wrongly supplied product is required stating the invoice number.

For returns to be accepted, the product must be undamaged and be packed in undamaged original packaging. Profiled tape and stickers may not occur. (If profilerasd tape or stickers occurs it will be 20% return deductions.) Any returns must be ratified by FINI Unoflow AB. The customer pays for fraktkostnaden.Varor not lagerlägges of Fini Nordic AB is resumed not.

After passing the credit check, 20 days, net. Otherwise, the goods against förskottsbetalning.Dröjsmålsränta charged if payment is Fini Unoflow AB not after the due date stated on the invoice.

Fini Unoflow Ltd products are guaranteed against defects in materials for our products (1 year). Components of the product that proves defective replaced during the warranty period at no charge. (Materials and labor) for warranty claims should always purchase date proof of receipt or invoice. The guaranteed compensation is not liable for transportation to and from the service, and any travel costs for tekniker.Godkännande obtained from Fini Unoflow AB before the product is returned to the Fini Unoflow AB conforms service. Damage does not fall within warranty, the damage is always reported to the carrier (see above)

Fini Unoflow Ltd has a network of service centers. It also warranty repairs, (see above.) Customer is responsible for freight to and from the repair shop. Goods sent to Fini Unoflow AB for repair should always be labeled with the kind of error, and contact with the customer (retailer).

Fini Unoflow AB is not responsible for consequential damage arising from the failure of products. Nor damage caused retailers such as loss of profits or turnover.