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You not only save the environment, it becomes a stylish collection of condensate that would otherwise Jets around on the floor and walls.
It also has a sound absorbing effect.

Every Swedish municipality determines values ​​for discharges of oily water drainage system (drain), the value can vary, but based on theEuropean and Swedish Standard SS-eN858-1 and -2. value applied by the Environmental Court is normally 100 mg oil / liter of water for effluentsand 5 mg oil / liter of water for stormwater. residual oil content in condensate from a standard air facility that has not been purified, however, containup to 250 mg oil / liter of condensate.

Ecowater oil separators can separate all mineral and synthetic oils and oil emulsions from the condensate coming from your compressor tolevels far below the limits of Swedish municipalities.